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Fethard Finance

FethardFethard Finance™ is a large company engaged into e-commerce. It would not be quite correct to call it just a payment system. It can not be put in one line along with such systems as WebMoney, PayPal and so on. Fethard is a corporation of financial services authorized to be an intermediary with third party funds, has with numerous banks-partners all over the world and works only with proved users based on the classification of their accounts. But this is our future issue.

Also, Fethard can be viewed as Internet-bank since at this site you can open your account, issue an e-card with the possibility to get cashless payments from any banks. One can also register a card for the name of one of employees to provide anonymity or to use card for purchasing.

"Fethard was set up in 2001 by a small group of businessmen, managers and owners of several large financial corporation who had been occupying key positions in a similar company that had existed from 1998; it works successfully till the present moment. In 2003, the grown up company merged with another company working in the sphere of e-commerce from 2000 thus turning Fethard into one of the strongest teams in this field," comment employees of the company – 35 of them. We cannot but agree that 35 people is pretty few for a company of such level – taking into consideration that Fethard's annual turnover reaches 100mn USD. It would be interesting to learn something of the company as a legal entity but on the official web-site you will find nothing but some e-mails. Someone could get alarmed whereas others would neglect this fact relying on Fethard's proven reputation and the technologically and functionally advanced, yet very user-friendly services it offers.

However, some data has emerged so far: according to whois service , the company is registered in Montevideo, Urugway. The data contains names, addresses, and phone numbers of the individuals registered as owners of the company. But it is hard to say if this data is true or not. To explain the above, we could refer to the notion that the system works with the clients whose business is hard to call legal – especially taking into account that the slogan of the company is anonymity of the system itself and the customers it works with. Whereas company's employees state that 'Each time you use a Fethard service you certify to Fethard that your transaction is legal and that it does not violate any of the terms and conditions for use of Fethard`s services.' But this is just some food for thought.

At the same time, we should not forget that Fethard is a Type "A" licensed corporation and is authorized to be an intermediary with third party funds. This emphasises the seriousness of approach when dealing with customers since the licence of the type is issued only to the large banks with solid world reputation. There are a few holders of this licence due to strict requirements set to them.

Fethard FinanceAs for security matters, you can definitely feel safe and sound working with Fethard. Fethard Finance resides on a tier-one class protected server cluster network, behind several lines of e-defenses, with constantly upgraded hardware firewalls, hardware IDSes and advanced loadbalancers. Fethard understands the critical nature of data security and has undertaken extensive efforts to insure the integrity of all Fethard and Client data. They offer our Clients state-of-the-art, industrial-strength security - including user authentication, SSL encryption, and digital certificates. For maximum defence one has a possibility to have crypto key.
Now let's turn to the accounts themselves. Fethard works with multi-currency accounts. That means that the money is kept in the currency in which it was initially deposited. Client access is based on "Levels". Upon acceptance, Fethard assigns each Client a "Level", which defines the types of services they may receive, the limits on incoming and outgoing funds, as well as the types of financial transfers, which can be completed within that account. The different Account Levels, how they are determined and the privileges that come with them are described below:

  1. Brand new Client which is not personally known to Fethard. Users with such level cannot receive bank wire-transfers as well as transfers Western Union and MoneyGram. Also, they have a limit of 10000$ or Euro for receiving money.  
  2. Existing Clients who are known to Fethard and who have verifiable financial services history with Fethard.
  3. Privileged clients are well-known to Fethard and who have a lengthy Fethard relationship.
  4. Clients who are very well-known to Fethard principals, who have had a prior business relationship with and who have met face-to face with Fethard principals.

Web entrepreneurs often seek to increase their promotional reach by distributing their goods and services through Resellers, who are paid commissions on the sales they generate. These are called "Sponsor Programs" or "Affiliate Programs". Clients who operate Sponsor Programs are assigned the

1. Sponsor Account Type.
2. The second type is Reseller - the individual or entity, which contracts with a Sponsor to engage in the activity of promoting and reselling the Sponsor`s goods and services and are paid commissions on the sales generated are designated as "Resellers".  
3. Professional Services - Companies desiring to use Fethard`s payment system to facilitate end-user payments in the e-commerce B2C service industries, such as offered by Web Hosting and Web  

The cost of Fethard services can be called quite favourable:
Deposit into plastic card on the same working day (USD) 2.5% (min. USD 1) + USD 15
Payment order to a person (USD) USD 50
Plastic card USD 50
Virtual card (USD) USD 30
Restoration of account access if lost by client`s fault USD 100
There are some pleasant moments, however:
Opening of multicurrency account free
Payments between Fethard clients free
Deposit from Webmoney wallets below free
Money transfer to Webmoney (USD) 2.5% (min. USD 0.5)
Cards for rent 5% (min. USD 5)

Fethard can not, itself, issue credit cards. Fethard is a Registered Agent of its banking partners and acts strictly in accordance with the Agreements that govern its Agent status. Please note that Fethard`s is also compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations of international credit card associations. Fethard uses the existing Cirrus and Maestro cards.

Plastic cards are issued based on client's data (you have to submit you passport' scan) or on the data of employees for extra anonymity but also for extra payment.

A virtual card is a card issued for purchasing via internet; the card exists but it is given to a client in leasing. We should note in this respect that Fethard does not actually "lease" credit cards to its Clients. The term "lease" is used strictly as a marketing description for the service offered to Clients, in which the Client "hires" Fethard to make a purchase on their behalf. This service is offered to provide "peace of mind" to the Client, who may fear identity theft and does not wish to submit their own credit card for use in an Online transaction. Any credit card offered for use by Fethard in such transactions is subject to any and all liability related to the transaction.

If you have decided to create your own account at last and chose its type please note that the registration process is very simple. There are also no additional defences in registration, even no graphical code for protection from automated registration. Login, password with confirmation (the only you will use when entering the system and using your account), name, family name (company's data), the place of residence and additional contacts as well as secret question-answer are all standard data asked during any registration.

Finally, I would like to share with you people's opinion about this system. Some of them are not happy with the efficiency, service quality, have grudges against technical support service. Others are generous with positive impressions from Fethard's faultless work and confidently recommend using Fethard.  As for me, I can only add: "Keep your money with a bank if you have any!" and use this system as a 'terminal station', a temporary storage place for small sums of money, or as a means of payment. 

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