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Liberty Reserve (eng)

This article will tell about the system of e-payments Liberty Reserve. Despite the fact that this system is not a very long-liver at the market - about 5 years (from 2002 to 2007) but it enjoys quite a high level of popularity due to the wide possibilities it opens. Let me tell you about this system in more detail.
Liberty Reserv The company was set up in 2002 in Costa Rica and, consequently, functions according to the laws of this state. This enabled the system to substitute a far more popular E-Gold due to the fact that the letter impedes the stable work of HYIP-projects (HYIP is a system of e-deposits at a certain percentage rate). Today, a lot of HYIP projects switch to this system thus pushing up Liberty Reserve's pace of development. By Costa Rica's laws and due to the combination of efficient security, anonymity, wide availability, irrevocable payments and solid jurisdiction, Liberty Reserve can deal with game, investment and similar sites. According to the company's employee Eric Paltz, the above factors turn Liberty Reserve currency into the best in the world for some applications. The system operates two kinds of currencies – LR USD and LR Euro. To confirm the above, I will draw your attention to TalkGold poll pointing out that Liberty Reserve is a worthy substitution of E-Gold. 41.33 percent of the questioned voted positively that Liberty Reserve has come to win the share of E-Gold's market. Then come cyberspaceatm and E-Billion (17.33 percent and 16.00 percent respectively). E-Gold closes the rating list (4.00 percent – three people).
Below are reflected several moments due to which the system under consideration differs from others in terms of usage convenience or security matters:

  • Possibility to be complete anonymous in your transactions (you can even hide account's number of the sender). A transaction would const you 0.75$. It is not much taking into consideration that one hardly would use this service for transfer of small sums of money.  
  • Due to security matters, payments are irreversible.
  • Possibility to carry out anonymous transfers.
  • Relatively small commission – 1 percent when receiving money (from 0.01 to 0.40 $). Money transfer is usually carried out free of charge.
  • Possibility to work with HYIP projects.
  • Convenient user's interface. System's site is very simple and easy to use without any 'extras' stealing your attention.
  • Free of charge account opening.
  • Possibility to attract referrals. You get 0.25 $ for each referral. But to create a ref-link you have to keep 10$ at your account. Moreover, the user who joined the system by referral will automatically have 0.05$ at his account.
  • Presently, Liberty Reserve has USD and Euro as e-currencies.

Реферальная система Liberty Reserve
It is high time to talk a little bit about the ways to credit money to your account. It will be not a long talk since you do not have a wide choice . Depositing and charging money from your account is implemented through e-currency exchangers or, to find a better exchange rate – you can use Liberty's service. Though, the system does not have its own exchangers. So, the commission for external operations is much higher than for internal payments and transfers. But Liberty Resrves` employees comment this fact from a positive side trying to 'turn' drawbacks into advantages, to my mind:

    • Possibility to find an exchanger in native interface language;
    • Possibility to work with the exchanger the methods of which answer user's requirements;
    • The competition between exchangers triggers best quality service and lower commission.

But if we have an objective look at this situation, at roboxchange if you change WMZ to Liberty Reserve USD 5 percent is paid as a commission, if Liberty Rserve is exchanged to WMZ – 7 percent. It is not little especially if the system is used in HYIP projects where it is unpractical to use small deposits. Roughly saying, what we win in deposit we lose in commission. Also, at the moment of this article's writing the reserve of roboexchange amounted to 0.64 Liberty Reserve USD which is a weighty reason for disappointment. At the same time, the account gets enriched fast.
Now we switch to the issue of setting up an account. Again, it is as simple as that:
First two points is the verification of your e-mail (a letter with the password is sent to you e-mail box; you have to enter the password in the field Activation Code at the same page).
Then, you will be asked to enter security-related information as well as personal data. Obligatory fields are marked with *:

LibertyReserve регистрация
Account name is the name of your account seen to each individual who may want to transfer money to your account.
панель ввода LibertyReservePassword, Re-enter Password - entering and confirmation of your password. You may use (not obligatorily) virtual key board. It will save you from key-loggers (the programmes set up at computers to remember pushed keys, programmes started and many other useful things). It may be of help if you work not at your computer. You have to enter 6 symbols – with letters of Latin alphabet and numbers.
Login PIN, Re-enter Login PINпаннель ввода пин кода LibertyReserve – 5-digit pin code entered only on virtual keyboard. With each new account's registration the keys on this virtual key-board exchange places so that key-loggers do not remember mouse movements.
SecurityQuestion, or write your own – a secret question to be asked in case you lose your password. You are free to choose the question or enter your own.
Answer – the answer to the secret question. If you answer the question right you get the restored password.  
Personal welcome message – you can choose a welcome phrase you will see each time when entering the system. It is made not to entertain you but to prove that you entered the authentic Liberty Reserve site since there may be false ones.  .

Then you are asked to enter your personal data and confirmation code you will find on the picture below the form of registration. Push 'agree' (accepting the offered conditions) and get to the page with your data, account number and security pin. Again for security reasons, the above information is graphical. You should write it down safely since you will need it further employing the system. Security pin is 3-digit pin code asked when making deals. Login pin is a 5-digit pin code asked in case of authentication. The authentication consists of two steps; at the first stage, the generated account number and login pin are entered and at the second stage – the password and welcome greeting. Then you get access to account managing page and are ready to accept money.

Аккаунт в Liberty Reserve

I would really like to sum it all up in the end. Along with obvious benefits of system's usage, its security and the possibility to take part in HYIP projects, still there are doubts around the question of using the system for investments due to high commission in exchange operations. But may be some one will find the positive in this. .

Translated by Ladonko Marina

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