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Pecunix (eng)

Making my choice on yet another e-payment system I paid attention to a system very popular among Internet users -- extremely solid with virtually no down time and no fraud Pecunix, which is at the same time very simple and with a very peculiar origin.

exchange Pecunix

Pecunix Incorporated) was based in 2001 by Symon Davis in Panama. Pecunix gold is now stored in Zurich, Switzerland, which is an excellent decision. The security of payments interface is provided (limited) by www means but it is quite enough. Therefore, no software is available. The main currency of this system is 1 Pecunix equal to 1 gram of gold. Those following the changing gold rates at world market can definitely not be left indifferent. The prices are, as you have guessed, the same to everyone around the world irrespective of national or other paper currencies. The system also operates troy ounce of gold costing 31.103 Pecunix which can be of help only for users involved into 'expensive' deals. A user can chose out of 24 monetary units for payments – the Russian rouble among them. Since we have touched finances so far, let me dwell a little bit on the system of commission;

  • All commission for payments are described in GAU (gram of gold);
  • The commission for payment/money transfer under 100 GAU amounts to 0.50%, above 100 GAU – 0.50 % for first 100 GAU and 0.15% for the rest.

For example: the sum of payment is 100 GAU. 0.50 % is taken for first 100 GAU (0.5 GAU) + 0.15% for the remaining 0 which is 0 GAU.  Totally, 0.5+0=0.5 GAU is to be collection.

The sum of payment is 300 GAU. So, 0.50 % is taken for the first 100 GAU (0.5 GAU) + 0.15 % for the remaining 20 GAU (0.3 GAU). Totally, 0.5+0.3=0.8 GAU is to be collected.  

  • The total of the commission can fluctuate between 0.0001 and 3 GAU and is always approximated to the nearest dozen.


A couple of words about security: the system does not support repayment. When registering you have a choice of staying anonymous and getting a 3128-bit key (1 PIN – for payments confirmation and 2 PIK – for work with your account). It is impossible to restore them in case of loss that is why you'd better keep them in a safe place. Passwords should be 8-digit (letters and numbers) in this system. You will have no unique identification number; instead your e-mail will be used that you indicate on the stage of registration. During registration you can also provide your digital signature (public PGP key) but it is not obligatory.  

exchange PecunixSome history: not so long ago, Internet saw the appearance of a money game called NewGalaxies. Soon, the game got into the spotlight but one could invest or add money only through Pecunix. It is in this way that the system accelerated the pace of its development. Presently, the situation is not that different: Pecunix as a means of payment is mainly accepted in on-line casinos and similar projects. But still, at any moment you are free to turn your gold into practically any system of e-payments via web-exchangers.

About registration: it is traditionally simple. The registration is absolutely free of charge and consists of three steps:
First your e-mail is demanded which will receive the confirmation of the registration and the password.
Pecunix exchangersAt the second stage, you indicate some personal data, 3 secret questions: 1 – any date you're your comments to it, and 2 others are regular secret questions. You will also have to enter the name of the account to be reflected to senders and recipients of the money from or to you. If you do not enter the name of the account your e-mail is to be used instead. Then you will be 'insistently recommended' to enter your public PGP key and confirm the data by pushing the button with the number shown to you.

Afterwards, you will get a letter at your e-mail box with information of the registration, a 4-digit PIN, information on the programme of passwords storing, the way to get PGP-key and the number of your account (the e-mail you indicated).

At the last stage, you should confirm you decision to register by entering your password. The PIN-code is entered on the virtual key-board. At last, your registration is successfully finished.  

Translated by Ladonko Marina

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