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  • Fethard Finance - Sergey Kolosovsky
    Fethard Finance™ is a large company engaged into e-commerce. It would not be quite correct to call it just a payment system. It can not be put in one line along with such systems as WebMoney, PayPal and so on.

  • Liberty Reserve (eng) - Sergey Kolosovsky
    This article will tell about the system of e-payments Liberty Reserve. Despite the fact that this system is not a very long-liver at the market - about 5 years (from 2002 to 2007) but it enjoys quite a high level of popularity due to the wide possibilities it opens. Let me tell you about this system in more detail.

  • Pecunix (eng) - Sergey Kolosovsky
    Making my choice on yet another e-payment system I paid attention to a system very popular among Internet users -- extremely solid with virtually no down time and no fraud Pecunix, which is at the same time very simple and with a very peculiar origin.

Not only about Webmoney

ξαμεν webmoney
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